Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Mancheno Insurance rather than directly with an insurance carrier?

When you work directly with an insurance carrier, they will typically provide quotes only on their own products. As an independent broker, Mancheno Insurance can provide quotes on policies from a wide range of carriers, greatly increasing the chances that you’ll find the best price on the coverage you need.

Why don’t you advertise in the Yellow Pages?

For two reasons. First of all, we’re more interested in quality, long-lasting relationships than in quantity. Second, we believe that our commitment to outstanding customer service is a better advertisement than phone book ads, billboards, or junk mail.

Why do you quote full-coverage policies?

We never want our customers to get caught with inadequate insurance. Many insurance companies offer low rates for low-coverage policies. You may save money in the short term, but when disaster strikes, you could lose a bundle. Our approach is to identify exactly how much coverage you’ll need to protect your assets, and then shop until we’ve found you the very best price on that coverage.

I’m buying my first home. How will I know what kind of homeowners insurance to buy?

It’s easy to become confused by the variety of insurance options on the market. Many people respond to this confusion by simply picking the insurance carrier with the lowest price. Instead, we encourage you to give us a call today so one of our expert staff can help explain exactly what coverage you’ll need. Or, request a free quote online.

I found a very low rate with another broker. Can Mancheno Insurance match my rate?

We would be happy to try. Many of our customers have found that we provide competitive prices while offering more coverage than other brokerages. Contact us today for a comparison quote.